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Erythromycin rapid test for milk 10ppb

The Erythromycin (ERY) rapid test strip is convenient, fast, sensitive for on-site large-scale testing. There are 1 test line and 1 control line on the strip for read. The strip can test milk and milk powder with 10 ppp LOD.

Materials and Storage

  • Test strip, 96 pcs in 12 plastic bottles, 8 pcs / bottle.

  • Red powder micro-well

  • Desiccant

  • Manual

20±5 in cool dark place, do not freeze.

The test is valid for 12 months. Lot No. and expired date are printed on the package.

Materials Required but not Provided

  • Incubator

  • Pipettes

    Test Procedure

    1. Original milk/pure milk

a. Read the manual before experiment. Keep the test kit and samples under room temperature. Milk sample should be fully liquid without any quality change, agglomeration or sediment.


b. Take wells and strips from the bottle and mark numbers on them. (Immediately close the bottle after using it.)


c. Take 200ul of the milk sample into the micro-well and carefully mix it until the purple particles dissolve and change to pink color. Incubate the wells under 50 for 3 min.


d. Insert the test strips into wells and make sure the sample pad is fully soaked in the milk, for 5 minutes.


e. Take out the strip and clean the sample pad (either cut off or use paper tower to erase it), then read the result based on Line C and Line T. (See section 7).


2. Milk powder

a. Take 1g milk powder into 10 mL centrifuge tube, then add 8 mL sterile saline, and mix thoroughly.


b. Same operation with a1~a5.

Result Determination

a.    Determined by naked eye


NegativeT Line (Test Line) and C Line (Control Line) are both red, and color of T Line is deeper than C Line or the same with C Line.

PositiveC Line is red, T line does not show any color or the color is obviously lighter than C Line. If there is no T Line showing up, we still consider the result as positive.

InvalidIf C Line does not show up, we consider the test is invalid. Please repeat the test based on our manual.

b. Determined by reader

Please refer to the manual of reader.


    1. Do not use strips and wells with different batch.

    2. Strips should be put in wells at the same time in order to have the same incubation time.   

    3. Test should be finished in 1 hour.

    4. This strip is for single use only.

    5. Please do not use if the bag is broken, or dirty or out of expire date.

    6. This kit is only for screening test, positive result should be further confirmed with lab method.

    7. All wastes should be properly decontaminated prior to disposal. Dispose of contents in accordance with local, regional, and national regulations.



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