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Furazolidone AOZ ELISA kit

Furazolidone (AOZ) metabolite ELISA kit

This kit (Art.No.:KITW007.ZH.02) provides a enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the quantitative analysis of AOZ(Furazolidonemetabolite) in tissue specimen. Besides the specificity of the kit has evaluated by analyzing the cross-reactivities to corresponding substances. The kit is a convenient, rapid, and sensitive assay for on-site large-scale screening of AOZ in tissue and seafood.


Technical Specifications:

1.  Sensitivity: 0.01ng/g or ppb.

2.  Detection Limit: 0.2ng/g or ppb;Fish,Shrimp,Chicken,Duck,Pork.

3.  Recovery rate: 70%-120%.

4.  Cross-Reaction Rate:





5.   Precision: CV < 10%