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Cow milk Ketosis rapid Test Strip-25 Counts

Cow Ketosis rapid Test Strip (milk, 25Test/ pack) To detect amount of ketone bodies in milk. High levels of BHB(B-Hydroxybutyrate or β-Hydroxybutyrate) are an indicator of ketosis, a metabolic disorder caused by a negative energy balance

BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate or β-Hydroxybutyrate) is one of the major ketone bodies and it can be used to monitor level of Ketosis.

The reagent pad on the test strip contains an enzyme that converts Beta-decylbutyric (BHBA) to acetoacetate. This reaction generates hydrogen ions that reduce nitrotetrazolium blue to formazan, which is purple in color. The darker the purple color, the higher the concentration of BHBA.


BHBA concentration in milk IndicationIndication
 0-99 µmol/Lnormal (-) 
100-199 µmol/Lquestionable (+/-) 
200-499 µmol/Lpositive (+) 
500 + µmol/Lpositive (++)